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Petlinks, Catnip Mouser Cat Toy, Green

The Catnip Mouser by Petlinks is catnip compressed into a cute mouse shape. Of course, the concentrated form means more ‘zip in the nip,’ and the organic catnip is safer for pawing and jaw
from $2.46

Petstages Plaque Away Catnip Pretzel Cat Toy

Improve your kitty’s dental health by letting her play with this Petstages Plaque Away Pretzel. This toy features unique netting that actually flosses teeth and helps remove soft tartar as your
from $2.58

Petlinks, 3 Blind Mice Cat Toy, Brown

The chase is on with this trio of furry, feathered mice designed to meet your cat’s instinctual need to hunt. Available in assorted colors please allow us to choose for you. The 3 Blind Mice are
from $2.79

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Toy

Keep your kitty’s breath fresh and her teeth clean with this Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick. This stick is filled with sweet smelling mint, which is a cousin of catnip and is appealing to mos
from $3.03

Kong Cat Roller Treat Dispenser Cat Toy, Purple

KONG’s Cat Roller Treat Dispenser uses treats to entice your cat, encouraging exercise. The active toy taps into her instincts tochase, while keeping her healthy. Promotes exercise Unpredictable
from $3.40

Petstages Catnip Spool Cat Toy

Your cat will love the time she spends with this Petstages Spool with String. This toy is infused with catnip to get your cat’s attention, and features a string that is perfect for chasing and c
from $3.48

Petstages Whirly Gig Cat Toy

Your cat will enjoy hours of spirited play with the PetStages Whirly Gig Cat Toy. This fun toy features a center ball that spins, sending the ends whirling. Your cat will love batting at and pouncing
from $3.49

Petstages Twice Mice Cat Toy

Cats love chasing mice, and yours will love the time she spends with these Petstages Twice Mice cat toys. These toys are lightweight, making them perfect for swatting and pouncing, and feature fabric
from $3.56

Whisker City Mouse with Feathers Cat Toy - Catnip, Plush

Your cat will love the time she spends with the Whisker City Catnip Filled Mouse with Poms Cat Toy. This fun toy will attract your cat because it is filled with the catnip that cats love. Let your kit
from $3.99

Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel Cat Toy

Petstages Kitty Chew Wheel satisfies your kitty’s urge to chew, and features a ring shape that helps to exercise the jaw muscles. This toy also features “spokes” that feel good on yo
from $3.99

Petstages Spin and Scratch Disk Cat Toy

Satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch and engage he natural hunting instincts with this Pet Stages Spin & Scratch Cat Toy. This toy is lightweight and is easy to bat and chase around, and feat
from $4.96

OurPets Three Twine'd Mice Instinct Cat Toy, OurPet's

Treat your kitty to a fun, new adventure with OurPets Three Twine’d Mice Instinct Toys. These toys are colorful, enticing your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, stalk and pounce. In addition
from $4.99

Grreat Choice Squeaking Mouse Cat Toy

The Grreat Choice Squeaking Mouse squeaks just like a real mouse. Made of plush material and infused with catnip, she’s sure to think this is the purrfect toy. Only at PetSmart. Features: Mouse
from $4.99

Hillman "Beware of Attack Cat" Sign

Pet Parents who pamper their pups will appreciate the Hillman Sign Center Attack Cat Sign. Detailed with an image of an angry cat ready to attack, “Beware of Attack Cat” in black and white
from $4.99

Petstages Wobble Mice Cat Toy - Latex Free

Your kitty will love playing with these Petstages Wobble Mice. These adorable toys are lightweight and are perfect for swatting, pouncing and even chewing. In addition, they feature a rattle inside th
from $4.99

Petstages Bat and Scratch Cat Toy

Satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch in fun fashion with this Petstages Bat & Scratch Cat Toy. This durable toy is great for improving nail health, and features a rattler inside to keep your
from $4.99

Petstages Quiet Glow Play Cat Toy

This Petstages Quiet Glow Play Pair of cat toys feature glow-in-the-dark fabric that makes them great for nighttime play. These soft fabric balls make play time quiet at night, and are lightweight and
from $5.99

Petlinks Knit Nipper, Cat and Mouse Cat Toy - Catnip

Catnip toys enhance play by triggering a burst of playful energy in your cat and the Petlinks Knit Nipper Refillable Catnip Toy will not disappoint. The charming duo is knit of colorful, textured mate
from $6.72

OurPets Twice the Mice Cat Toy, OurPet's

Let your cat be a cat with OurPets Twice the Mice Real Mouse Catnip Toys. These toys squeaks like a real mouse would and contains real catnip that’s sure to prove entertaining and irresistible f
from $6.88

Petlinks, Variety Pack Mouse Cat Toy, Multi-Color

Catnip and feathers attract and excite cats. This is a proven fact. Entice her with textures and aromas that please her with the Petlinks Felt Mice Catnip Toys. These toys will stimulate your cat and
from $6.99

Petstages Kick and Scratch Cat Toy

Satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch in fun fashion with this Petstages Kick & Scratch Cat Toy. This durable toy is great for improving nail health, and features a fuzzy tail that your cat wi
from $7.64

Petlinks Blinking Bugs, Cat Toy

The Petlinks Blinking Bugs Electronic Nighttime Light Toy will stimulate your cat to hunt and chase the cute, gossamer-winged bug duo with their flashing violet lights, especially fun for nighttime pl
from $10.24

Trixie Brain Mover Cat Toy

Channel your cat’s curiosity with TRIXIE’s Brain Mover. With four modules: pushing away balls, moving sliders, drawer knobs, and loops, this game requires patience and concentration. The B
from $20.99